STKCore(R) is focused, hands-on training on Analytical Graphics, Inc’s (AGI) industry-standard analysis and visualization software, Systems ToolKit (STK). STKCore emphasizes and explores the key skills and knowledge regarding STK’s business logic in order to create, modify, analyze and obtain output from STK scenarios.

Core Modules: STK Free, STK Pro, STK Analysis Workbench, STK Coverage. Via instructor-led, hands-on exercises, Attendees will develop skills in developing scenarios and conducting analysis with the goal to produce insightful and impactful output.

What is STKCore?


Who Should Attend

  • New Users to STK – Develop New Workplace Skills
  • Returning Users to renew STK skills – Secure your STK Investment
  • Returning Users to focus STK skills – Expand your STK Strengths

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