STKCore® is focused, hands-on training on Analytical Graphics, Inc’s (AGI) industry-standard analysis and visualization software, Systems ToolKit (STK®). STKCore® emphasizes and explores the key skills and knowledge regarding STK’s business logic in order to create, modify, analyze and obtain output from STK scenarios.

Core Modules: STK Free, STK Pro, STK Analysis Workbench, STK Coverage. Via instructor-led, hands-on exercises, Attendees will develop skills in developing scenarios and conducting analysis with the goal to produce insightful and impactful output.

What is STKCore®?

Who Should Attend

  • New Users to STK® – Develop New Workplace Skills
  • Returning Users to renew STK® skills – Secure your STK® Investment
  • Returning Users to focus STK® skills – Expand your STK® Strengths

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