Favourite STK Videos

Words are great, but . . . movies are better!

Nothing has the ability to convey complex interrelationships, at least in a time-effective manner, as well as illustrated videos. While the power of STK rests largely in its analytical capabilities, it is the option to transform the analysis into shareable movie segments that can make a real impact as to whether a project team goes one way or another.

In this section I wanted to identify some videos that I have come across over the years and describe a bit the reasoning behind my choice. From this, hopefully you might be able to extract some ideas for your own projects.

1. Modelling, Simulation and Analysis and Ship Missile Defence Optimization

What Happens: STK is integrated with ModelCenter(TM) and Excel to model and analyze a missile defence scenario such that multiple scenario runs can be accomplished to try to obtain the optimum positioning of a MD asset. The results are presented in graphical form that clearly indicate where/when optimum detection situations occur.

Why I like it: By viewing the runs concurrently in STK and ModelCenter(TM), it gives visually-intuitive feedback on the effect of graduated input changes.  Plus, it is carrying out a lot of runs that to accomplish individually with just STK would likely be time-prohibitive

Products Involved: STK Pro, STK Integration, ModelCenter(TM)

2. Using External Agents to Model Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

What Happens: STK is used as a common environment to model several underwater vehicles that are being controlled by an external application. STK provides positional data to the external agent so that the agent can provide course changes to the respective objects. In this case, there are 9 UUVs with port and starboard sensors reporting distances to underwater terrain.

Why I like it: It is a simple and fascinating example how you can integrate the decisional logic of an external application to the behaviour of STK objects (which normally have determined paths).

Products Involved: STK Pro, STK Integration, External Application