Scenario and/or Output Support (set-up, Reports/Graphs/Movies)

Sometime We Just Need Some Help

If you already have access to STK, then there are many ways in which you can learn about it and how best to employ it – just go to STK Help and you should be able to place any query, which will lead you to a listing of available training support, tutorials, etc. This kind of assistance should be sufficient to get you to producing quality results with STK. Still, sometimes there is a lot going on in projects and your key resources to work with STK may not be available when you need them.


AppSpace Solutions Inc. would be happy to try and assist you. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind:

  • If you currently have STK and are paying for AGI Support, you probably should inquire with them first – they may have something quick and similar that will get you closer to solving your problem yourself.
  • This kind of consulting requires both software access and professional services. If you do not currently have STK, and the work involves more than the Basic/Free version, then some kind of STK rental will be likely. Further, if you have STK, but on-site support is not possible, then we are back at renting again.
  • Following the acquisition of Analytical Graphics Inc by Ansys in 2020, and starting in 2022, the STK list of products has been re-aligned under new, much more comprehensive capabilities. These new products can also be rented for short term purposes.
  • STK version 12.2 (and earlier) is, of course, modular, and thus we will need to have a clear understanding of your requirements to properly identify which modules should be considered for the work. This will form the basis of the STK rental cost.
  • A few STK modules are export controlled and it will be unlikely that we could incorporate their capabilities in the work. This would come out of the initial discussion if a factor.
  • If your requirements go beyond just STK (for example, Matlab, or some other external application), then you are better off to consult with AGI on a Services contract – they have a lot of smart people who deal on an ongoing basis with numerous complex scenarios. Please note that due to export regulations, Ansys/AGI Support cannot provide output that could be specific to a certain military or security situation.