Canadian STK Case Studies

We are always thrilled to help with and experience the kinds of success that our clients are able to achieve via AGI technology and/or STK. Of course, being Canadian, we might be a ‘touch’ more excited when we can officially report on case studies that occur in the Great White North!

Below you will see several links to Canadian Case Studies/Success Stories that have come about over the years. Rest assured – there are a ton of other successes that for various operational or sensitive reasons we unfortunately can not report on (insert sad face here!). These successes may involve STK Desktop products, STK Engine products or STK Component products.

AGI Technology Helps MDA Refine Their Enhanced Definitive Orbit Tool (EDOT)

MDA SAR Imagery Products

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates (MDA) owns and operates RADARSAT-2 – a MDASARSynthetic Aperture RADAR (SAR) Earth Observation Satellite. For years, RADARSAT-2 has produced SAR imagery for clients around the world. MDA wanted higher quality interferometric SAR (InSAR) images . . .

Assessing Satellite Overflight Vulnerability With AGI Components


Referencing publically availableSSATool commercial satellite imagery to view locations on Earth has become so commonplace that we often don’t give a second thought to the implications. Canada’s Department of National Defence (DND) has, however, and is taking action to reduce the risks inherent in unfriendly parties learning of Canadian Forces (CF) troop and facility locations . . .

General Dynamics and Defence R&D Canada Develop Mission Planning with STK Engine


Contract delays left the project team at Defense R&D Canada (DRDC) with only four months to develop a Mission Planning Tool (MPT) for Canadian Forces.
The MPT is based on a Common Operational Picture (COP) service-oriented architecture (SOA) with common data sharing for Command and Control (C2) and access to other network resources . . .

Defence Research and Development Canada Runs Satellite Imagery Acquisition Planning in STK


The Commercial Satellite Imagery Acquisition Planning System (CSIAPS) is a multi-sensor acCSIAPSquisition-planning tool first developed by DRDC in 2003 in order to determine what available satellite-imaging opportunities best suited their purposes. It allows for the collection of image data by calculating and comparing opportunities for one or more satellite and sensor combinations. CSIAPS uses Systems Tool Kit (STK) . . .

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