Wayne A. Ellis has over twenty years of Canadian military experience, including Air cfmadlogoDefence tours in North Bay, NATO AWACS in Geilenkirchen, Germany, and the Canadian Forces School of Aerospace Studies (CFSAS). In 1998, he lead a team to research, plan, and build the Canadian Forces’ first museum dedicated to the Air Defence mission in North Bay – Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence.

Recognizing a deficiency in currency training, Wayne A. Ellis established a focused training strategy for NATO surveillance controllers and operators in 2001.

Wayne A. Ellis completed both a BSc and MSc at the Royal Military College of Canada. In 1989, he was one of eight cadets to make the leap from engineering to the newly-established Space Science program, and he graduated top of the space science clasocss in 1991. During this time, he toured Colorado Springs and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, Falcon Air Force Base (now Shriever Air Force Base), the St Margaret’s Baker-Nunn telescope unit near Chatham, New Brunswick and visited the David Florida Lab in Ottawa.
Also while in Ottawa, he spent some time at the Directorate of Air Requirements, and wrote a research paper – “Military Space Doctrine, Space Superiority, and Canada.”

In 2001, he was selected to undertake graduate studies in Space Operations at RMC – again, a brand new degree reflecting Canada’s increased focus on space and the subsequent requirement for a Canadian-based educational institution with a graduate-level space syllabus. During his graduate studies, Wayne A. Ellis took a number of 3rd and 4th year space science cadets on a tour of Colorado Springs, the Canadian Space Agenwincubemsaccy, and the Joint Space Support Project Team in Kingston. He also completed a major project “The Physical Constraints of Space Weapons.”

Upon graduation in 2003, he was posted to the CFSAS where he delivered and directed space applications courses for the Canadian military. He also directed the effort to establish the CF’s first Space Operations Course (SOC) designed to support those CF and DND individuals slated for space jobs around the world. He has designed, developed and delivered space educational content for audiences as diverse as grade school children to senior
Government personnel, and has provided space expertise to multiple levels of the Canadian Military. In 2005, he conducted the first General and Senior Officers’?Space Seminar (GSOSS) at the Canadian Space Agency.appspacelogo

Wayne took his retirement in 2007 and established AppSpace Solutions, Inc., an aerospace and defence consultancy, as a means
to increase the general awareness of the Canadian public, civil, military and commercial, of the importance of space systems and their applications.

Wayne joined the Canadian Space Society (CSS) in 2008 and has held the positions of President, Vice-President, Corporate Relations
Director, and Chapter Liaison Director. He has also organized two CSS Summits – Ottawa (2010) and Winnipeg (2016).summit2016

Wayne is also a proud representative of Analytical Graphics, Inc.(AGI), an Ansys Company, in Canada for over 13 years. AGI provides commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software to national security and space professionals for integrated analysis of land, sea, air, and space assets.