Ellis: Digital Engineering starting to make great strides and effects at AFRL

In addition, the researchers are leveraging the modeling and simulation infrastructure already in place to conduct the LVC and digital enterprise design and testing. “That was one of the things that came from the Grey Wolf work as well is that we have a digital twin of the actual Grey Wolf,” the colonel says. “We can do a lot from the digital environment, to the hardware and software in the loop environment. And because of the variable payload capabilities, we can more easily insert new subsystems to test out. We can follow that whole thread through the early concepts in a digital environment to actually putting hardware and software loaded into the system, testing out hardware and software in the loop in lab environments and then potentially even flying and dropping.”

Underwood, Kimberly. “Air Force Advances Weapons That Collaborate.” SIGNAL Magazine, AFCEA, 30 Apr. 2021, www.afcea.org/content/air-force-advances-weapons-collaborate.

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