Ellis: Digitally designing and analyzing the combat vehicle’s systems affords an incredible engineering resilience to determining its future effectiveness on the battlefield.

It looks like a fighting vehicle. But it’s a lot more than that. Raytheon Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles are developing an infantry fighting vehicle that can conduct close-combat operations, survive modern threats like anti-tank guided missiles and cyber attacks, and use artificial intelligence to help the crew make […]

Raytheon Missiles & Defense. (2021, March 15). Coming Soon: A smart combat vehicle. Retrieved from Coming soon: A smart combat vehicle – With artificial intelligence and digital design, here’s our vision for the Army’s Bradley replacement | Raytheon Missiles & Defense (raytheonmissilesanddefense.com)

“The Lynx team is using digital engineering to build detailed, accurate computer models to ensure new capabilities like aided target recognition, or ATR, are compatible with the vehicle. It allows them to connect multiple points of model data into one database, also called a single source of truth.”

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