How many times have we heard “Government Procurement is broken, or antiquated, or just plain complex?” And how many times do we hear government officials espouse the benefits of innovation – and yet, more often than not, their scope of innovation is limited to developing various technology readiness level (TRL) technologies, and not the acquisition and engineering life-cycle processes that govern the timely procurement and operation of key technologies, capabilities and assets.

Whether we like it or not, the digital world is not only transforming our lives, but also transforming the way we conceive, design, develop, build and test the physical assets that we depend on for security, defence, transportation and many other things. Shown here below is a brief video by Analytical Graphics, Inc (AGI) Vice-President Kevin Flood in which he describes the importance of the digital mission model to digital transformation as it pertains to modern defence/space acquisition.

Expect to hear more on this topic in the coming months. The time is now, especially with the roll-out of Strong-Secure-Engaged (SSE) Defence Policy and the latest Canadian Government Space Strategy to re-evaluate how we manage and hopefully how we can evolve our processes to gain maximum benefit for the Canadian taxpayer.

Are you interested to learn more about Digital Mission Modeling? If so, please contact me to arrange an appointment during the CADSI Military Outlooks (2-4 Apr 2019), or during CANSEC 2019 (29-30 May 2019).