There has never been a better time for space-seeking universities and colleges to ‘go to the next level’ with their smallsat/cubesat projects. Largely in response to the frenetic activity in this sector, Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI), in conjunction with its partner Advanced Solutions Inc (ASI), has crafted an offer for its Education Alliance Partner (EAP) group that involves providing their STK SOLIS at a greatly reduced cost. This offer is currently only available to AGI Educational Alliance Partners at participating academic institutions in the US and Canada.

STK SOLIS provides a complete spacecraft modeling environment inside of STK

The AGI EAP program has been in effect for many years and has benefited educators and students with effectively millions of dollars of state-of-the-art spacecraft modeling and analysis software. Industry then benefits from this exposure at the academic level as new science and engineering graduates find themselves in the job market with advanced modeling, simulation and analysis skills.

AGI has also been a longtime supporter of the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC)competition, now entering its fifth year of operation. The CSDC allows many university and college teams to collaborate and compete in the sophisticated process of cubesat mission design and development. The Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP), is also very similar to the CSDC and is aiming to have a cubesat built by every province and territory over the next 2-3 years, after which the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will arrange for their launch from the International Space Station.

The Educational Alliance Program allows educators to introduce a new dimension to the classroom by giving students hands-on experience with industry-leading software.

STK SOLIS is a powerful addition to the STK suite of tools. It takes mission analysis to new heights by providing a platform to model/simulate many spacecraft sub-systems including power, attitude determination, attitude control, communications and others. Students can leverage SOLIS to weigh carefully their system design against expected/achievable mission design, and thus increase their probability of project success.

Interested academic institutions should contact AGI to register with the EAP in order to qualify for this offer.