Communication – or rather, clear, concise, informative, decision-worthy, impactful communication – is really what we all desire in the majority of our interactions. Depending on your role within your organization, you may have differing requirements when it comes to getting your point across to your boss, your subordinates, your partners, your clients, or even yourself. Sometimes investing in the right communication medium can be the difference between clarity and confusion, between insight and indifference, between success and failure.

Analyst – quickly convey to me the gaps, overlaps, effectiveness of my concept of operations. Is my spacecraft protected? Is it resilient enough? I know what happened – now I need to find out and communicate why it happened.

maneuver burn


Operator – quickly show me my sensor vulnerabilities – can I detect all possible targets?


Mission Planner – will my available sensor systems (space, air, land, sea) get me the coverage I need? Do I need more/different sensors? What happens if I change the mix?


Project Director/Manager – Am I adequately conveying to my partners (industry, government, academia) my (space/air/ land/sea/multi-domain) system needs? What can I employ that will shout “This is what we need!”, and thus reduce the risk that we spend millions on something that does not.


If you desire to improve any of these types of communications, please come see me at #CANSEC2018, 30-31 May, booth 110, and let’s talk, er, communicate!