While those of us in the STK world would like to believe that all major problems can be solved by leveraging this software technology, the truth of the matter is that it tends to be a significant asset among others in the approach. Clients tend to want to understand the ‘options landscape‘, and with the multi-domain modeling that you can do in STK it is one way to visually and analytically ‘whittle down’ those options as well as sometimes reveal some ‘whoa, that would be significant’ gotchas.

STK Supports Electro-magnetic modeling with SystemVue

More and more, both clients and companies serving clients are endeavouring to be as complete as possible in terms of communicating skills requirements to prospective employees and contractors. And, sometimes, those skills do include STK. For the science/engineering graduate, he/she can take advantage of AGI’s Educational program to achieve up to three levels of STK Certification. AGI also offers courses both on-site and virtually, tackling a wide breadth of mission capabilities.



STK Trainees can develop their skills to become ‘Grand Masters’


Here in Canada, we can also take advantage of a Canadian STK course – STKCore(TM) – to obtain some of those key skills and knowledge about the application to enhance your readiness for a project, or to ‘tick that box’ in your competition for a job that might need those skills.  This course is conducted on roughly a quarterly basis, with public and private class options available (contact us!).

Buyandsell – DRDC Looking for Candidates with STK skills, among others

So, options certainly abound to fill out that resume and hopefully increase your chances of success!