FireTeamContactv2(The Fire Front lines, Canada) The Canadian fire season is well upon us, and though many of us have been seeing our fair share of soggy weather lately, the sad trend is that the climate is getter warmer and many areas where our forests live are getting dryer. I was recently at the Earth Observation Summit in Montreal and one of the unique problem sets for remote sensing stakeholders is the leveraging of many sensor types and systems in the fight against forest fires. Common assets are satellites and aircraft to be sure, but the growing variety and usefulness of drones have raised their profile quite a bit.

Systems Toolkit is versatile in helping to model, analyze and convey the mission effectiveness of multi-domain assets. Beyond just the assets themselves, users can attach complex sensors to the assets and analyze them for obscuration from the asset body or Earth’s terrain. Further, objects on the ground can be modeled for terrain masking qualities. In the attached graphic, a Fire Team’s field of regard is qualified by the mountainous terrain, thus giving insight to mission planners for ensuring air-to-ground connectivity. This capability comes with the STK Pro module and is just one of the features explored during STKCore(TM) training. The next serial is 12-14 September 2017, Ottawa, Canada.