Consulting – STK

Systems Toolkit (or ‘STK’ as it is more famously called) is a set of engineering and analysis tools developed by Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI). STK has been around for almost 30 years supporting the defense, space and geospatial communities. AppSpace Solutions Inc has been privileged over the past 10 years to have been able to be AGI’s representative here in Canada.


STK is pretty powerful stuff; it is modular largely because the AGI client base (defense, space and geospatial) is incredibly diverse, and even within those stakeholder groups their respective needs are incredibly diverse. That means we can never answer the question “what does STK cost?” because it depends on what you are trying to do, how you are or are not doing it now, and what are your options and driving factors.

Therefore, we often need to take the time to engage the client smartly (who are often under pressure to ‘get going’) and make sure they understand their options. We never want a client to come back to us and say ‘we wasted our money on that module because it was not needed’. Granted, sometimes our clients cannot or will not provide all the details regarding their proposed work, but we always look forward to consulting with them as much as possible anyway.